Xpedent Dental Products

Xpedent has its own dedicated manufacturing facility enabling us to produce quality dental products, both for brand owners in USA, Europe and Asia, and our own range of Xpedent sonic and ultrasonic devices.  We sell to distributors and manufacture custom items for Original Equipment Manufacturers. 

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Ultrasonic Tips For All Applications


Scaling is precise work. Proper instrument selection is essential to achieving complete periodontal cleaning.  Our wide variety of tips give you the freedom to choose the exact instrument for the situation.


Perio tips are thin and designed for root planing and maintenance to provide the best access to furcation and curved roots.


Xpedent Endodontic tips can be used in many endo applications.  They are excellent for the removal of posts, removing dentin from pulp chambers, filling and widening orifices, preparing and cleaning canals and removing broken instruments.

Cavity Preparation

These tips are diamond coated and can be used to prepare a cavity in the tooth before carrying out further dental work.

Implant Cleaning

Xpedent’s solution for cleaning implants and restorations is to use the ICP tip with an engineered plastic part in contact with the implant.  This avoids the scratching associated with metal to metal contact, and therefore reduces the risk of periodontitis.


Xpedent’s surgery tips are designed for a wide range of bone surgery applications, including sinus lifting, implantation and bone cutting.

Comprehensive Compatibility

Compatible tips for  EMS   Scaler and Surgery devices

Compatible tips for SATELEC   Scaler and Surgery devices

Compatible tips for  NSK   Scaler  devices

Compatible tips for SIRONA   Scaler  devices

Compatible tips for MECTRON   Surgery  devices

Compatible tips for KAVO   Scaler  devices

Compatible tips for AMDENT   Scaler  devices